The Holy Spirit Haiti Mission (HSHM) statement "To share God's love by supporting those in need through education, housing, healthcare, economics, water source and purification systems throughout Haiti."

For over 17 years now, this mission has supported the communities of Leogane and Palmiste au Vin through the Parish Twinning Program. Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, and associated with Holy Spirit Catholic Church, this mission works to provide six main services in Christ to those in Haiti: Food, Water, Healthcare, Work, Service, and Education. We work together with the local Haitians to bring these basic needs into their lives and improve the current condition of living in Haiti.

While the many pictures and videos show the work we have done over the years, a consolidated timeline of general accomplishments over the years since 1998. Click Here for Timeline

Everything that we do is focused on support of those in need, education, job development, and seeking self-reliance.


The mission sponsors food support in several ways. We help feed 400 children at the St. Charles Borromeo Monastery School, we try to fund a food sharing program for pregnant women and infant children that is run out of the St. Charles Clinic, we give some food assistance to the St. Vincent Home for the Aging and Abandoned and we give some food support to Notre Dame de la Charite Orphanage.


For many years the mission has been funding a Haitian doctor in the St. Charles Clinic for two days a week. The doctor not only provides the healthcare required, but take time to provde education needed to help these people avoid disease though simple practices we take for granted, like washing our hands ad drinking clean water.


There are many aspects to our service within the Haiti Mission both physically and spiritually. We respond as needed to many different areas. Once very important part of service to this mission is through prayer for our Haitian brothers and sisters and using the gifts of education God has given us to help solve everyday problems of living in Haiti.


The water program has two aspects. One is helping to provide sufficient reservoir capacity for the community to survive through the dry season. The other is in water purification. Water purification is in the form of education of clean water, building water purification systems, and finding other ways to purify their heavily bacteria-laden drinking water. We work together with Living Waters for the World, a Presbyterian organization that brings clean water to the world, to accomplish this goal.


Each team that goes to Haiti not only provides of their time and labor in Haiti, but there are often many hours spent stateside preparing. The mission has many talented people from many walks of life that serve and so we are able to reach out to the Haitians in a variety of ways. Our ultimate goal though is to teach the Haitians how to fish instead of just giving them fish.


Virtually everything we do on this mission has the theme of education in back of it. We support children in the orphanage and at the monastery school through food and clothing programs. More importantly though, we have been striving to find ways to allow the community to become independent of our mission. This is done through programs like the water purification program which will touch at least six monasteries.


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