Hurriane Matthew

Haiti Update on Hurricane Matthew
Oct 6, 2016 - Above is a map of the parts of Haiti that were hit hardest. We are leaving Oct 18 to install a water purification system in Fond des Negres. What I know so far is:
The NDC orphanage fared very well in the storm with no damage. The building you invested in has stood its first test. A solar panel we mounted on a 20’pole in Fond des Negres about 30 miles from the center on the east side of the storm (guaranteed 140 mph winds) is still standing and the pump is still going.

What I can tell you is Ancy and the team are fine. The Little Brothers and Sisters are all ok. Their houses in Les Caye and Port Salut was destroyed. Leogane got a good bit of wind and a lot of rain and Caye got slammed. Right now there is a bridge out in Petit Goave but it is passable by fording the river. Our team is going to Haiti on the 18th and our work is in Fond des Negres between Caye and Mirogane. Ancy told me today about 85% of Les Cayes is gone. It reminds me of the earthquake when 85% of Leogane was destroyed. It’s like an atom bomb is dropped on the spot. Right now until we can amass some more information which is going to take several days, more likely weeks there is not a whole lot anyone can do here except pray for recovery.

The picture above was taken after the hurricane hit this solar panel and pole at 140mph. Just a God spared the Faith, Hope and Love center arch in our church in the tornado of 1989 (only thing left standing) He also spared this panel. This is where we will go on Oct 18 to install the rest of the water purification system.

The most promising news I have heard today is the Haitian govt is out trying to fix the bridge in Petit Goave. The elections have been postponed from this Sunday to an undetermined future date. The government says its focus is getting people back on their feet. This is the first time I have heard the Haitian govt have its priorities straight and we are all thankful.

Oct 10, 2016 - As the days go by we learn of more tragedy. Sorrowfully about 80% of Jerome is also destroyed. Number of deaths is in the 1000 range, but because of the remoteness of much of the country figures are still being tallied. While we thought our beloved orphanage had been spared, we learned on Sunday that the septic system backed up entirely because of the enormous amount of water Matthew dumped on the area. Then news in from the Petit Freres St. Therese that 10% of their classrooms were destroyed at the school and sadly two of the teachers lost their homes entirely. The Little Sisters at Fond de Negres lost parts of two other convents in the Les Cayes area also.