Welcome to one of God’s missions!

Through Our Lord’s Grace you have come upon this page probably because you have an interest in Haiti just as we do. Our mission is ecumenical in nature and while headquartered in Huntsville, AL we have numerous individuals from around the world that help in a wide variety of ways. We are not an NGO, we are a ministry called to do the Lord’s work helping one person at a time. Areas we focus on are water purification, water sources, children, medical, education and seeking islands of economic opportunity to help the Haitians ‘learn to fish’. We are teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, married, single, musicians, students, religious, lay and people from all walks of life with a common bond of God and Haiti. Thank you for visiting and I pray through information you obtain from this site that you will find ways you also feel you can help the Haitians through our ministry. Grace and Peace.

Bob McCoy – Team Lead